Welcome Experience (Advanced)

Welcome Experience (Advanced)



Collections: Golf Courses

Manufacturer: Evogence

Tags: Free Standing, Golf, Wall Mounted



Are you looking to quickly and easily transform your environment and bridge the gap between your traditional experience and the new digital experience your customers crave? Look no further than this introductory XPane solution geared to seamless engage, educate and entertain your guests.

With your choice of finish and orientation to match your decor, you'll capture your guest's attention and drive engagement. 

Each XPane comes standard with three applications:

  • Universal Content Manager (UCM)
  • Feed Broadcaster
  • Control Panel

The UCM app enables you to manage and schedule traditional digital signage and marketing messages such as pro shop sales and course announcements or reminders. The Feed Broadcaster allows you to aggregate and display internal or third-party content including local weather, news, traffic and so on. Lastly, the Control Panel facilitates seamless navigation through your available applications while communicating with the XCloud to ensure your XPane data, including leads and engagement analytics, are actionable 24/7 through our dashboards & reports portal.

The advanced Welcome Experience solution will include 3 additional applications:

  • Calendar
  • Story Wall
  • Photo Booth

This versatile solution is perfect whether you're looking to welcome guests to your business and guide them through the customer journey. Display traditional promotional & marketing messages or digital signage on your XPane to build loyalty and drive ROI. Promote your course via the Story Wall app and increase the visibility of your upcoming events, create awareness and manage event and tournament registrations with the Calendar app.

In addition, this solution includes the following accessories & services:

  • Local Weather Feed
  • HD Digital Camera Kit

This XPane solution does not include an Identity Reader, Pedestal or other accessories. View and purchase accessories here.

Disclaimer: Purchase price does not include monthly access to the XCloud Experience Management Portal. For more information on XCloud functionality and billing, click here