Looking for a standalone mounting option for your outdoor XPane? This steel podium has durable powder coated finish, comes with bolt-down base plate and can support all of the outdoor XPane Air units
Create a wonderful printing station or photo booth with the upgraded XPane Photo Print Kit. Capable of delivering 290 photos in an hour, this is an ideal option for high-volume printing scenarios. ...
Looking for a semi-permanent option? Display your XPane™ 32 or 40 on a Stationary Pedestal that is designed for static mounting of the XPane™ in either orientation.
This upgraded enclosure ensures that your XPane™ can stand up to environmental changes. As a rugged enclosure, it’s high-quality will stand the test of time. With additional durability and climate ...
Instantly create a private wireless network for operation of XPane products onsite and connect all the hardware components in a moment. 300Mbps Wi-Fi speed on 2.4GHz band for lag-free video stream...

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