About Us

Creating an interactive customer experience is imperative in our digital marketplace. The XPane, powered by Evogence, enables you to revolutionize the traditional retail experience. Evogence is dedicated to transforming public spaces through environmental design and experiential technology. By combining the best of artificial intelligence and IoT solutions, we create smart environments to drive growth and improve business operations. The [Ei] Platform enables businesses to engage, educate and entertain visitors. Our simple, easy-to-use platform empowers your customers with self-service options to provide a more convenient and personalized experience.

A perfect blend of technology and experience, XPane will help bridge the gap between your traditional experience and the digital-first interactions your customers crave. Built to compliment any environment, the XPane platform allows you to display valuable business information and relevant content on-demand to help influence customer behavior.

With our suite of experience apps, you’ll capture interest and drive engagement to build stronger relationships with your customers. Our market aligned solutions are customizable for your unique business needs. Whether you need to generate leads, enable product comparisons or connect with your customers via social media, XPane will enable your business to differentiate your brand while driving growth and increasing sales.