Shipping & Installation Policy

Evogence is committed to ensuring the safe delivery of your XPane to your location.
Upon the arrival of the package(s), please inspect the package to ensure there is no visible damage. 
To install and connect your XPane:
  • Completely unpack your XPane and components.
  • Set your XPane on a pedestal or mount the XPane on the wall.
  • Connect and setup your XPane and it's accessories.
  • Neatly arrange wires.
  • Adjust device settings for optimal picture.
  • Remove packaging material and clean up.
We will:
  • Send 1 or 2 certified Techs depending on the size of your XPane
  • Be there within a 2-hour window you specify.

Here are some items you might need before the tech(s) arrive:

  •  HDMI Cables one for each device.
  • Power, Cable or Network nearby connections
  • Surge Protectors
All our Techs:
  • Are Industry certified.
  • Have passed a background check.
  • Are bonded and insured.