Innovation and the Customer Experience

Innovation and the Customer Experience

Creating advanced customer experience is imperative in our markets. Now more than ever, customers are empowered by technology to shop wherever, whenever and however they want. New and improved technologies that change the way we learn, interact, and work are no longer luxuries. In fact, according to Salesforce, 57% of consumers believe that it's absolutely critical or very important for companies they purchase from to be innovative.

By investing in deeper levels of customers experience that include self-service tools and customer engagement technology, like the XPane, companies will be poised to disrupt their competition and:

  1. Increase Revenue

Next generation, interactive customer experiences allow you to take advantage of the captive audience in your restaurant, increase the number of holes played on your golf course or drive event & facility rentals at a hotel and more. 

  1. Improve Brand Value

Customer loyalty no longer strictly depends on the quality of the offered product or service but by your customer experience. Technology offers information and digital-savvy customers the opportunity to steer their unique customer journey while you drive brand loyalty.

  1. Create an Omni-Channel Experience with Centralized Management

Using a single platform, companies can combine the efficiency of traditional digital signage with the creation of immersive experiences. This allows businesses to display valuable business information along with relevant, on-demand content to help influence customer behavior across a single environment or multiple locations.

Looking towards the future, 51% percent of consumers expect that by 2020 companies will anticipate their needs and make relevant suggestions before they make contact, according to Salesforce. Companies who embrace this new dynamic and meet or exceed their customer's expectations will be better positioned for long-term success while those who don't will simply lose business.

To learn more about how you can create an innovative customer experience with the XPane, contact one of our Solutions Specialsts, today!

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