Transform your CX with Interactive Technology

Transform your CX with Interactive Technology

A staggering 73% of customers agree that experience is an important factor in their purchasing decision, behind price and product quality (PWC, 2018). To open new doors for communication, learning and engagement among your audience, it's becoming essential that businesses upgrade their customer experience and include interactive digital kiosks and signage in their environment. 

Simply put, traditional efforts used to differentiate your customer experience are no longer enough to satisfy the customer. Since the distance between customer expectations and reality is becoming so great, a slow and gradual transition is no longer possible. Incremental changes may be easier to implement but it may also mask the deterioration of the business. Moreover, 57% of consumers say it’s absolutely critical or very important for companies they purchase from to be innovative (Salesforce, 2017).

By investing in interactive solutions, you’ll begin to bridge the gap between your traditional retail experience and the innovative experiences that will captivate your audience and drive revenue. In fact, a 2016 study found that of the 80% of adults that had seen digital signage in the past month, 70% subsequently made an unplanned purchase (ScreenCloud, 2016). For those who get it right, this is a huge opportunity to attract new customers, gain market share and build loyalty.

With interactive customer engagement and self-service solutions, like the XPane, businesses can build a more convenient and personalized experience for their customers while benefiting from:

  • A high degree of control over order, frequency, length of display, and expiration date;
  • Provide the ability for in-house staff to act as content managers with the ability to create, post, and manage content;
  • Display highly engaging & captivating video;
  • Highlight and/or promote sales and loyalty programs;
  • Provide community engagement for regional services;
  • Promote, Recognize, and Highlight Sponsors, Donors, Members, Volunteers, and Staff;
  • Full ADA Compliance;
  • Multi-lingual experience support.

Your technology evolution through the 20th-century can’t stop now.  We need to provide opportunities for customers to enjoy seamless digital and retail experiences. Adding this type of technology is one additional piece of the 21st century puzzle.

To customize a solution that helps you bridge the gap & create a unique customer experience for your audience, email